User Experience Transformation


Our user experience solutions combine usability, desirability, business viability and technological feasibility through enablers like Fiori, Personas and Workforce Performance builder to transform interaction with SAP as we know it.

SAP Fiori


Understanding the pulse of today’s business and the growing expectations in the workforce for consumer-friendly interfaces, Net4site bring you SAP Fiori- a collection of apps, each of which allow simple and easy-to-use SAP software functions. Its responsive design is known to work uniformly on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Highly versatile, ready-to-go, SAP Fiori apps have been built around the most popular and heavily used business scenarios.

Created for smart users who need to access data on the go, SAP Fiori enables users to complete workflow approvals, look for vital information, and facilitates self-service while on the move which helps in productivity boost. This smart and beautifully designed mobile application requires 1-2 month implementation period and is not only enterprise ready but is also highly competitive.


Why SAP Fiori will make your business run better.


Improved user experience: Deliver consumer like enterprise applications to help people complete core business tasks across HR, finance, procurement and sales more efficiently

Works seamlessly across devices: Allow business users to complete their job wherever they are and on whatever device is handy. SAP Fiori provides a seamless experience across all of these devices to help business users complete these tasks with ease

Makes better use of your existing SAP software investment: Customizing and deploying apps no longer needs to be time consuming and expensive. With SAP Fiori, you can get started immediately, make better use of existing SAP software investments, and bring instant value to every employee

Improves productivity and impacts business results: Companies that adopted SAP Fiori early on reported business benefits, including increased employee productivity and satisfaction, reduced work completion time, and better adoption of business processes


SAP Personas


With SAP Personas you may personalize, simplify, and beautify thus completely customizing your SAP Experience without any programming experience. It helps in creating scripts for automating mechanical processes and allows pre-filled data thus facilitating much faster operational turnaround. SAP Personas is known to boost user satisfaction, user productivity and subsequently reduce training time. It reduces the complexity involved in the standard SAP GUI and provides the user an opportunity to work with beautiful and simple screens.


Value Proposition:


Improve Business user productivity by providing only the essential screen elements and data to complete business transactions faster and more accurately through fewer data entry fields and reduced scrolling/tabbing

Increase user Satisfaction By automating repetitive tasks and simplifying complex screens through pre-filled fields and pull-down menus, which help the user save time and money

Reduce the cost of personalization by Eliminating the need for ABAP programmers or scripting experts

Decrease training time and change management for SAP users


The best part about gaining the SAP Personas advantage is that it only takes 5-15 days for implementing the same.

Workforce Performance Builder


The SAP Workforce Performance Builder offers highly effective and innovative solutions for transferring knowledge within a rapid e-learning environment. This software gives you the power to quickly and easily create superb quality training materials and interactive simulations in a matter of minutes.


Generate documentation, demonstration, simulation, assessment, PowerPoint, and help materials from just a single source

SAP Workforce Performance Builder Producer is currently the only provider on the market that not only offers SCORM and AICC exports, but many more export and documentation formats – in particular specific formats for the insurance and financial sectors.

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