Leverage In-memory Computing

Give your business the winning edge by joining hands with Net4site and powering your business with the most advanced in-memory database technology- the SAP HANA® platform. It offers you smarter, faster, and simpler ways to run your business. SAP HANA is different and unique from any other database engine available in the market currently in many ways:

Enable Breakthrough Transformation

Game-changing innovation with new applications and business models- Traditional disk-based data warehouses have limits in their ability to benefit from major technology trends such as multi-core CPUs, in-memory processing, and columnar storage. HANA is not a Traditional data warehouse.

Adjust to business changes in minutes rather than days with Faster execution and immediate analysis of data. See up to 1350x Faster reporting 1000x Faster analytics 200x Faster response in end-to-end processes. Gain visibility into the in-the- moment business situations.


One source of the truth, with easy integration of all data. – HANA efficiently combines transactions and analysis in one single database, Simplifying and Streamlining IT, lowering your Total Cost of Ownership.

HANA eliminates redundant storage layers by making some objects unnecessary. The result is that the same amount of data on HANA requires significantly less storage resources.

Match demands of the mobile user with Consumer-grade usability, accessibility on any device, and performance at the speed of thought.

Realize Simplicity


Uncover More Business value

Imagine the increased effectiveness of your knowledge workers or sales force, when they have real time information about accounts payable, receivable and inventory. Plan, execute and report on live data from SAP business suite and non-SAP sources like, social media platforms, machine sensors and mobile devices. Leverage insights from this Big Data with integrated analytics for smarter decisions and deeper insights into customer needs and wants.

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