Developed specifically for midsize companies, SAP® Business All-in-One solutions reduce the effort, cost, time, and complexity associated with implementing a world-class business management solution. The software lets you deploy core enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and business intelligence functionality. It also allows you to leverage the best practices of industry leaders – all at an affordable fixed price on a platform your business will not outgrow.

Key Benefits

Break down departmental silos and unify your entire organization with one tightly integrated system with one version of the truth

Improve financial management by accelerating financial closes, increasing accuracy of financial reporting, maintaining superior cash management

Maintain operational excellence through improved efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, service levels, and cost-cutting measures

Enhance agility by responding quickly to market dynamics, enhancing customer experiences, and differentiating your company

Improve decision making and deepen your insight into business operations through Business Analytics

Leverage Industry Best Practices based on 35 years of SAP’s experience with 25 industries worldwide



Common Myths surrounding SAP Solutions


SAP is too big?

SAP has been working with SMEs for 38 years across 25 industries through our network of 10,000 partners worldwide. The facts tell a different story.




SAP is too complex for our needs?

The experience of SAP customers is quite the contrary. In fact, the number of SMEs choosing SAP has tripled in the last few years. You can be up and running in literally a matter of weeks, so it’s fast to deploy, quick to value and easy to use. Today, nearly 101,000 SMEs are using SAP because it’s flexible, intuitive and doesn’t require a lot of care and feeding.



SAP is too expensive?

We appreciate that software has to be affordable to set up, maintain and expand for any customer. We offer predictably priced combinations of software, services and pre-configured content, so you’re getting best practice straight out of the box. By being able to drive down operating costs, increase revenue, minimise inventory and reduce day’s sales outstanding, your SAP solution really is a quick win that can easily be self-funding.

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