Perfect Plant for Manufacturing


Perfect Plant for Manufacturing



Most global, multi-plant manufacturers today compete with powerful opponents under a set of daunting challenges, which include among others: uncertainty of where and when will demand arise; a highly complex supply chain, rising energy and commodity costs; new, innovative competitors; and increasingly demanding customers. All this means that only the most adaptive and responsive players in the market will win.

Net4site provides a full set of services to enable manufacturers to increase the adaptability and responsiveness of SAP’s manufacturing clients using our knowledge of Industrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing Execution Systems, SAP Business Suite and SAP MII. Our services to drive towards the Perfect Plant vision include:

Value engineering & benefit realization planning.

Reengineering and implementation.

Testing and Quality Assurance.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support.

Perfect plant - Manufacturing Execution Systems




Although the SAP Perfect Plant philosophy supported by Net4site can be applied to any manufacturing segment, certain aspects take on special significance within the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) Industry. The manufacturing area of A&D has numerous controls and restrictions to ensure that the end product meets high and exacting standards. In addition there are stringent rules governing who can access what information based on federal and international regulations.

SAP offers a range of tools in the area of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that are designed specifically for the A&D industry. Net4site’s teams of experienced consultants understand the needs of the A&D industry and the SAP software. Their detailed knowledge of the SAP products, the processes followed during implementation and their delivery practices allows for a highly effective rollout of the software in realistic timeframes.


Perfect plant -Analytics



The experience of the team also facilitates further extensions to the traditional MES implementation by adding a layer of Analytics. Using the SAP MII or BO components we have developed dashboards that provide visually clear and concise displays of key manufacturing information. Using the preconfigured screens as a baseline additional configuration allows for customer specific views to be easily created.

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