Enterprise Mobility


Net4site’s mobile application development and mobile platform expertise have provided exemplary solutions to our global client base delivering numerous mobile projects over the years. We are committed to providing leading-edge mobile and smart-phone device technology at affordable costs to our global customers. Net4site has assembled a team of highly qualified mobile application developers who work on all existing and emerging mobile platforms for mobile apps development Net4Site has expertise in mobile apps development on all popular mobile platforms; android, Apple, BlackBerry, Windows and HTML5. We are pushing the envelope of mobile platform capabilities with the development of the most cutting-edge mobile applications for our customers.


Key Elements of our Mobile Solutions


Mobility Platform – Quickly build and deploy business-to-enterprise, business to-business, and business-to-consumer mobile apps, with an enterprise mobility management infrastructure that lets you centrally manage and secure mobile devices, applications, and data from various enterprise backend systems.

Mobile Apps – Extend your business processes to any device with a growing selection of native, hybrid and web based apps which can help enable your sales force, service operations, employees, managers and executives. Perform self-service tasks, information lookups, workflow approvals and gain key insights through mobile analytics – anytime, anywhere


Net4site can assist you in creating a well-planned enterprise mobility strategy & roadmap that exploits mobility as a new channel for you to boost productivity, overall cycle time reduction, business efficiency and innovation in your company. Our mobile strategy and assessment services include an analysis of the business space and potential opportunities, a solution roadmap that outlines the initiatives required to deliver on the opportunities, and a business case that defines the anticipated costs and potential benefits for implementing the initiatives.

Examples of our Mobile Solutions


SAP UI5 Web Based Applications: SAP Fiori

Net4site bring you SAP Fiori- a collection of apps, each of which allow simple and easy-to-use SAP software functions. Its responsive design is known to work uniformly on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Highly versatile, SAP Fiori hosts more than 180 apps, which are ready-to-go and have been built around the most popular and heavily used business scenarios.

Created for smart users who need to access data on the go, SAP Fiori enables users to complete workflow approvals, look for vital information, and facilitates self-service while on the move which helps in productivity boost. This smart and beautifully designed mobile application requires 1-2 month implementation period and is not only enterprise ready but is also highly competitive.

Enterprise Analytics

Maximize your company’s mobile app success and profitability with Net4site’s Enterprise Analytics. Net4site integrates apps with Enterprise Analytics that cater to the needs of the most demanding mobile strategies. Take full advantage of actionable analytics which are tailored to the mobile experience in real-time with insights and data as they are available to end users.

Mobile Field Sales

Net4site’s field sales mobile app, gives sales executives all the information they need about your business. Sales professionals can collaborate with colleagues about the latest customer information, as well as review, create, and maintain customer records including accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, business analytics and activities.

Using Net4Site’s Mobile Field Sales solution implemented on SAP, Sales professionals can also access and consume analytical business data on the go and can quickly gain real-time insight into their company’s changing business information and make informed decisions with key benefits like

1. Call Planning & Execution
2. Sales Quotes & Order Creation
3. Customer Management
4. Geo Coordinates Integration
5. Sales Collaboration
6. Real time sales analytics


Mobile Field Service

Net4site’s field service mobile app helps boost productivity and customer satisfaction by giving field engineers quick access to the right resources and information at the point of service. With our field service mobile app, technicians can access service-relevant information real time from the mobile device of their choice.

Using Net4Site’s Mobile Field Service enables field engineers have on-device access to the resources and information they need to get to customers on time, complete more orders faster, and reduce processing time with key benefits like

1. Alert Field Engineers to new assignments
2. Order debriefing at point of service
3. Reduction in data errors & billing cycles
4. Track Service updates real time
5. Signature Capture
6. Real time asset information

Mobile Sales and Delivery

From start-of-day activities such as vehicle checks or time capturing, to handling sales orders, efficient delivery or cash collection and end of the day monitoring returned or unsold products, mobile sales and store delivery has a vital role to play in an efficient closed loop process.

Using Net4Site’s Mobile Sales & Store Delivery, consumer goods and services personnel have access to a mobility software platform that uses direct store delivery to boost product sales, enhance delivery and, ultimately, helps organizations achieve high performance with key benefits like

1. Make Routes more efficient
2. Receive orders faster
3. Manage Inventory Better
4. Respond to Customer Needs
5. Improve Operational Efficiency
6. Faster Replenishment Cycles

Mobile Workflow Applications


Net4site Mobile Workflow Applications for SAP® Business Suite solution allows mobile workers to receive and manage SAP Business Suite processes on their mobile device of choice. Pre-defined processes, such as requests, approvals for travel or leave, clock-in/clock-out activities can quickly be completed and recorded in to the SAP Business Suite system. Using the our Workflow Applications , mobile workers can receive and manage SAP Universal Worklist notifications and alerts on their mobile device of choice. This mobile business process solution ensures that the velocity of business does not slow when mobile workers step away from their desk.

Examples of Workflow Applications


Purchase Orders
Purchase Requisitions
Leave Requests
Travel Requests
Travel Expenses



iOS (iPhone / iPad)
Windows 8 Tablet





Improved collaboration leading to increased productivity, better service delivery to customer and continuously demonstrable ROI.


Improved Service quality, shorter response times to requests and increased reliability in services.

Mobile Workers

Access to corporate data anytime and from anywhere for increased effectiveness, leading to employee satisfaction and productivity.


Better utilization of enterprise resources, investment in solutions which are future safe and cost effective in deployment.

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