Enterprise Information Management


Data Assesment Strategy


Net4site Enterprise Information Management strategy assists our clients in driving enterprisewide information structures to ensure that accurate information is circulated in the system. Our strategy will also facilitate the re-use of information by all departments and applications leading to information assets that are optimally used by being readily available, wellunderstood, and trusted by everyone using the knowledge management system. Net4site provides both Business and Technology related Assessments and helps its customers build business justification and a roadmap for their data strategy. Our data assessment service covers the entire gamut of assessment life cycle ranging from definition of Business objectives to Data Governance Models.


Data Migration and Cleansing


We at Net4site believe that despite the real challenges that do exist, data migration does not have to be such a foreboding activity. With the proper expertise, proactive planning, it can be achieved rather seamlessly. When it comes to data migration, Net4site has years of experience to ensure an efficient and seamless process implementation. We help our clients build and execute detailed migration plans, pre migration preparation, data migration, and post-data clean-up. Net4site ensures execution of the right number of data migration test cycles to fine tune the data migration plan and achieve sustainable benefits.


Data Discovery and Governance


Our Data Discovery & Governance services personnel understand the roles of people, processes, and technologies in achieving and maintaining data that’s reliable, relevant, and timely. Our Data Discovery & Governance solutions is rich with rules that ensure and protect data quality and Our discovery services help you profile your data and help you visualize the health of your data and understand the gaps in data availability, quality and consistency. Our services helps our clients enhance their preparedness for their management and reporting needs or for a system migration or upgrade initiatives. Net4site has a portfolio of data governance offerings – from defining goals to “operationalizing” good practices, policies, and procedures. By focusing right away on near-term initiatives, we lay the groundwork for longterm


Data Integration Services


Net4site’s Business Intelligence Services for SAP help our clients develop and execute strategies to get more from the information in their SAP investments. We provide services that help access, store, distribute, retrieve and archive ever-increasing volumes of information captured or used in the running of your business. With the latest advancements in SAP technologies, you can handle new requirements and growing volumes of historical and real-time data needed for fast business decisions. Our leadership philosophy promotes teamwork, self-organization and accountability. Our objective is always rapid delivery with high-quality systems that aligns development processes with customer needs and company goals.

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