Enterprise and Big Data Analytics


By combining SAP’s latest technology with our functional and industry expertise, Net4site's Analytics solutions for SAP help our clients develop and execute strategies around business analytics that drive competitive advantage, reduce costs and increase revenue. We provide services that help access, store, distribute, retrieve, analyze, visualize and forecast ever-increasing volumes of data generated by or used in the running of your business.

With the latest advancements in SAP technologies, you can handle new requirements and growing volumes of historical and real-time data needed for fast business decisions. Deliver the insights you need, when you need them through easy, fast, intuitive access to Interactive reports, dashboards and powerful data visualization and discovery tools - on any device or platform.


The Value Proposition



Build reports that look exactly the way you want through pixel-perfect positioning, layout and templates

Powerful API to embed reports into applications

Optimized for high-volume reporting and publishing



Build rich, interactive dashboards and visualizations

Broad Library to support KPIs and executive dashboards

Recommended for use on 3rd party data sources


Agile Visualization


Discover trends, outliers and areas of interest in your business

Adapt to business scenarios by combining, manipulating, and enriching data

Tell your story with self-service visualizations and analytics with Geographic and Time awareness

Forecast and predict future outcomes

Mobile Analytics


Analyze and act on intelligent information in the moment with our mobile analytics solutions. Identify and respond to opportunities and risks in real time, run accurate “what if” analyses and view your business performance. Rich views combined with mobile ready responsive design allow you to quickly and easily explore your data.

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